The Ohio Early Literacy Crosswalk was created as part of my Kent State University School of Library and Information Science practicum experience in Fall 2011 at the State Library of Ohio, where I worked under the direction and wisdom of Janet Ingraham Dwyer. When creating the Crosswalk, I tried to think broadly about the implementation of programming, training, and education in regards to each early literacy framework. However, I know that my own experiences with particular skills and activities impacted my decision-making process. Remember this resource is meant to facilitate your own decision-making process, not to limit it.

If you have questions about the creation of the crosswalk or if you are a (potential) library and information science student and have questions about my graduate school or practicum experience, please feel free to email me. Working on this and other projects during my practicum experience at the State Library was exciting and fulfilling. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to observe some of the hard work that happens at the state level to help make Ohio a leader in library services.

Thank you to Janet Ingraham Dwyer and to the other Ohio Ready to Read Task Force members—Elaine Betting, Natalie Fields, Marisa Glaviano, and Krista Tokarz—for providing valuable feedback to improve the Crosswalk and for taking over the project after the completion of my practicum. I hope to keep contributing to the improvement and expansion of the Crosswalk, as well as the Ohio Ready to Read wiki, and I encourage youth services librarians across the state to join in.

If you are interested in working on the Ohio Early Literacy Crosswalk, please visit the Ohio Ready to Read contact page. If you have early literacy activities and/or storytimes that have worked well for you and your library, please consider adding them to the Ohio Ready to Read Library. By working together, we can help all Ohio children start kindergarten ready to read.